Learning to code: The Plan

I’ll get into just why I want to learn to code in another post, but here is what I’m planning to do. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Note: I’m not a total novice when it comes to coding. I did play around with Basic a bit in middle school, and HTML and C++ in high school. I also am reasonably proficient with R, which is my favorite data analysis software (and it’s free, unlike Stata / others), and I’m good with building functions in Excel (courtesy of my years at J.P. Morgan). So, it’s not much, but I do have a bit of a background which definitely helps.

This progression is geared toward ultimately developing in Ruby on Rails using tools like Heroku, Git, and AWS, since that is what Winestyr (and of course, many other sites) are built in.

Step 1: Take Udacity’s CS 101 course – this is a very entry-level course that uses Python to teach principles of computer programming while building a rudimentary web-crawler. I hope it’ll refresh what I learned long ago and set me up to progress slightly more quickly through subsequent courses.

Step 2: Go through “Learn Ruby the Hard Way” – I want to have some fundamentals of Ruby before I dive into Rails.

Step 3: Take the Hartl tutorial to Rails – I know there are lots of options out there, but I like Hartl’s approach, and it comes highly recommended.

Step 4: Take Coursera’s Startup Engineering class – A high-level class on turning academic CS knowledge into something actionable…covers some front-end stuff, databases, testing, deployment, etc.

From there I’ll re-assess and see where to go next!

Note: thanks to Kapil Kale, Mark Glenn, and Elliot Garms for some of the thoughts here.


2 thoughts on “Learning to code: The Plan

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