Why I’m Learning to Code

There has been a lot written on why people should or should not learn to code. My reasons for wanting to learn to code are simple:

1) I find it intellectually stimulating to learn a new skill like this. (After I get to some level of coding proficiency, I want to learn how to play the piano, which I think will be much harder)

2) I like understanding how things work on a deeper level, especially something as fundamental to my life as “technology”

3) I’ve been working for web startups for over 2 years now, and I know that learning to code will make me a better employee, manager, or founder at any web company

4) Relatedly, I’ve been repeatedly frustrated by my inability to make even small changes to our site or help out with some of more trivial coding tasks we have

5) I’d like to eventually be able to build my own MVPs for ideas I want to test

As I said in my intro coding post, my goal is not to become a coding master – at the start, I just want to learn enough to be able to converse more fluidly with my CTO and to hopefully help out on smaller projects or tasks. Eventually I’d like to build some rudimentary web apps of my own…but I’m not expecting that to happen overnight.


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